Accelerate Your Wellness

Laura Freundlich, MA, NE, NFC

Sleep Well

Quality of sleep affects everything we do. During sleep the body recovers from daily activities, recharges for the next day, heals the heart and blood vessels, repairs damaged cells, and even boosts the immune system. Essential oils and MicroLife Sleep Spray can help you calm and wind down at night and ease the transition into sleep.

Boost Your Vibrance

When you are vibrant, everybody knows it! It's that certain extra something that others detect - an uplifted energy, a glowing countenance, a sharp mind. Many factors contribute to being vibrant; what would you like to magnify?

Supercharge Immunity

Keeping your immune response strong is a system-wide effort - it's in your lungs, your gut, your attitude. Every day your lifestyle choices either help or hinder your immunity. Here are ways you can move towards health daily with minor effort.

Elevate Your Mood

Life can throw curve balls. How adaptable are you? What shifts you off center? And how do you recover and get grounded? Essential oils are powerful and specific when it comes to altering moods and reframing our outlook. 

What Are Essential Oils

Essential oils are complex natural liquids that are extracted from plants. They have a vibrational frequency that resonates with our own bodily energy and can therefore influence our health. The olfactory sense (smell) is the only sense that is directly connected to the brain and can almost immediately trigger emotions, instinctive responses, mood, and memories. Essential oil molecules can pass directly into the bloodstream, thereby reaching and impacting our entire internal system.

The Holistic Nut

Nuts about all things that contribute to health and wellbeing, Laura takes a holistic and practical approach when working with clients. She listens well to understand how someone lives, works, eats, relates, and conducts their daily activities. In this way her recommendations are individually customized and tailored, and therefore very doable.